More and more casino players get familiar with no document casinos. Surely, everyone wants to use the opportunity to play for real money and withdraw winnings without verification. However, many players are still doubting if no ID casinos are safe and legit. Read the post till the end to finally get the answer to this question.

What are no document casinos?

Online casinos that don’t require documents for account verification are called no document casinos. If you know how standard online gambling works, you are certainly familiar with the process of verification.

Legit casino operators must comply with the KYC (Know Your Customer) rules imposed by their regulators and check the ID of their clients before payout out. This is a standard rule, due to which players have to scan their passport or driver’s license and send it to the casino.

Moreover, sometimes, players are required to prove their solvency and place of living. For this, they get a bank receipt and a utility bill.

However, with the invention of no document casinos, this has become unnecessary. But online casinos still have the right to ask you for the documents and refuse to pay winnings until you provide them.

How do no document casinos work?

When casinos don’t ask you for ID, it doesn’t mean that they are illegal or unsafe. They comply with the KYC rules as well. The difference is not in the license or security. It’s in the payment methods chosen by players.

Yes, players are the ones who choose to skip the verification procedure. Consciously or not, when they choose an e-wallet or a cryptocurrency as a payment method, they unlock the opportunity to cash out without documents.

The thing is that both e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are services, for which you have to verify your identity. These payment methods won’t let you cash in and out money without you having provided documents.

So when you create an account with an e-wallet or a digital wallet, you give them your ID proof. And this is the only thing needed by online casinos to prove that you are a real person. Because you have a verified account with a payment provider, you don’t need to send your documents again to a casino team.

Play safely without documents

Both standard and no verification casinos are legit to play at. The latter has just found a way to get around the regulations without actually violating them. No document casinos offer the same fair games tested by random number generators. And, they have the same security systems that guard players and their funds from fraud.

So this is absolutely safe and legal to play at online casinos that don’t ask for your documents. Just make sure to use an e-wallet or a cryptocurrency to deposit and withdraw, and you’ll be good. But if you use any other payment method such as a bank card, you will surely be asked for some identity proof, a bank receipt, and maybe even a utility bill.